4 Apr 2012

EULS Easter Celebration 2012!

On the windy evening of April 3rd, the Edinburgh University Students' Association held a massive Easter Celebration, organised by the Edinburgh University Lithuanian Society (EULS). The event was open to everyone, with the main purpose being the stimulation of cultural integration and socialisation.

Hungry folks!

The celebration began with the presentation of traditional Lithuanian food, diligently prepared entirely by the students themselves. The most delicious dish was unanimously declared to be "Cepelinai", a type of dumplings made from grated potatoes, stuffed with minced meat and served with sour cream sauce and pork rinds. Moreover, there was plenty of fried black bread with garlic, commonly known in Lithuanian as "kepta duona". Besides the Lithuanian students, among those who enjoyed the feast were also Latvians, Estonians, Polish, Americans, and others. In response to an overwhelming number of questions, every Lithuanian thoroughly explained the processes required to prepare (and consume) the national dishes.


While everyone took pleasure in 
Beautiful choir of girls
experiencing the taste of dumplings, the EULS delivered a warm welcome speech. Following this, the participants were greeted by a magnificent choir of five girls, who embodying a truly Lithuanian vocal dexterity,  performed  a song entitled "Saulutė nusileido" ("The Sun has set") and a glee „Saulutė tekėjo“ (The Sun has risen"). The half-circle of people swayed harmoniously and you could easily read what they felt from the expressions on their faces: they held each others' hands in Edinburgh, but their minds were back home, in Lithuania.

Tough question!
As the celebration was co-organised by the Slavic and Baltic Countries Society, the quiz challenged everyone with thirty tough questions, based on the traditions found in the Baltic states. The brainiacs had to deal with some painful enquiries, such as "what would happen if you failed to eat an egg with salt during the Easter celebration", or "how would you spell and pronounce 'cheers' in Estonian". The most fortunate were those who had at least one Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian in
their teams, and the cleverest    
(or perhaps - the luckiest)       
won amazing prizes!          

After the quiz was finished, the style of entertainment shifted once more to a group of beautiful ladies performing fantastic songs „Raudoni vakarai“ ("Red Evenings" by Ieva Narkutė) and "Arbata" ("Tea" by S. Mykolaitis). This created a truly entrancing Lithuanian atmosphere, which was sweetened by traditional dances - the evening's greatest attraction. The traditional costumes and dresses were specifically designed, tailored and sent from Lithuania to Edinburgh for this event by Marija and Kęstutis Simanavičiai. Urged on by those with extensive experience in traditional dancing, even the shiest among the guests were caught up in passion and excitement of beat. There was no-one who was found to be indifferent to the Polka, spinning with armrests, the traditional dance "Žilvitis" and other dances more intricate and wild than the one before it.
 The crowd felt their bodies and minds rejuvenated from the night's festivities. 

Lithuanian dances!

However, the celebration did not stop here. These interactive dances preceded a spectacular Egg-rolling competition. The rules were simple: the more chocolate eggs you hit, the more you get. Is there anyone, who could resist this? Truly, what could be better?

Afterwards the EULS Easter Celebration held an afterparty, which rocked the Teviot Underground with modern pop-style Lithuanian songs. The attendees will never forget this experience. Emily Yarrington, a first year student from the Unites States, reading International Relations and Law degree at the university, could not hide her excitement: "Without traveling we could reach Lithuania. The food was fantastic, and while I couldn't understand the song lyrics, I could still enjoy the wonderful voices of the girl choir. Also, the traditional dances were so energetic that they could even challenge the Scottish Ceilidth!"

Author: Kornelija Suveizdytė
Editor: Jonas Grinevičius

Event photographer: Jonas Simanavičius


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