22 Sep 2012

EULS Pub Crawl

Hello everyone and welcome to EULS, a Lithuanian family!

Once in a while everyone face a life changing events and so coming to Edinburgh is one of them! We are glad to see new faces around. All look culturally shocked after being confronted with men in tartan skirts and bagpipes, cold winds and the hilly capital city. You have just joined a family that will help to settle and support!

On the 21st of September EULS held Pub Crawl  the first ice-breaker event in this academic year in order to greet everyone.

It all started in the New Amphion, Teviot Row House. It was such a pleasure to meet old friends, and meet new ones, chat about the summer – trips, adventures or even internships. EULS President Lukas Lastas welcomed all members and encouraged joining the society.

In a meantime we moved to a new spot – Billiard Room – to play table football, Guitar hero, billiard and air hockey. A need for more booze 'moved' us to Bar50 later. Lukas and Elena were constantly taking photos throughout the night. Our night ended at Tron. 

Thank you all for coming! It was absolutely amazing to see so many faces turn up to chat the night away. It's been a while since we've all seen each other, some of us haven't even met since May when we were all hyped up on caffeine in the library!

Good luck with your studies and see you next week!


Text: Kornelija Suveizdyte
Photos: Lukas Lastas

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