8 Nov 2013

Lithuanian Food Market and Protmūšis

For most of us it was the day of full-on cooking. For one evening Teviot Dining hall became a wee Lithuanian food market. “Lašiniai”, rye bread, “Skruzdėlynas”, potato pancakes/scones, apple pie with ice-cream, doughnuts, “Lazy bones” and others were brought as tickets to the night. 

An hour of food tasting was followed by Protmūšis. 4 teams were challenged with 25 hardcore questions - we heard a lot of creative answers!

During the breaks students have voted for the best dish of the night. The first place went to the authors of two Skruzdėlynas”. :) 

The night was absolutely smashing, I am guessing it was a wee while since the last time you had some of those marvellous foods! Huge thanks to everyone who turned up and made this huge effort. You indeed made the night great!

EULS team.

Text: Kornelija Suveizdyte
Photos: Artūras Bagdonas
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5 Nov 2013

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

A team of EULS enthusiasts went up on the Calton hill to watch the fireworks for the commemoration of Guys Fawkes night on the 5th of November.

This tradition comes from 1605 as a celebration of a failed conspiracy against a Protestant King James I by English Catholics that aimed to assassinate and replace him with a Catholic head. On the 5th of November Guy Fawkes was caught placing the explosives around the House of Lords and was arrested. That night people of London have lit the bonfires to celebrate their King survival. This tradition has also spread the world.

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1 Nov 2013

All Saints' day

On the 1st of November members of EULS gathered in Bristo square for the All Saints' Day. We lit the candles and remembered all dear people who have passed away. After the commemoration we continued in Teviot with a lovely cup of hot chocolate.


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13 Oct 2013

Movie Night

It’s getting colder, and evenings are getting unpleasantly darker - there’s not much to do outside anymore. Studying is not an option either, right? That’s why EULS have organized a movie night! After a long and close voting process you have decided to watch Artimos Šviesos (2009).


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6 Oct 2013

Trip to Pentland Hills

Hello cookies!

Hope y’all warm and well after the trip to the Pentland Hills on Sunday. Thanks to all determined souls for joining our guiding star Domantas Cibas. What a lovely weather it was, right?

Have a wee look at how it all went up in Pentland Hills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hstfCkMq9g4


EULS team

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27 Sep 2013

EULS FIBA Europe screening

Congratulations go to our silver boys!

Lithuanian national basketball men's team has won the second place in FIBA Europe. It's been exactly 10 years from when our team was last in the final. Such a great success!

EULS has organised screening to see the silver match with France, along with others: semifinal with Croatians, quarterfinal with the Italian team. Here are some pictures.

Look at the happy faces:) Team LTU is in the final!
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Careers Talk '13

The first semester has started leaving a lot of us thinking how to start on career path, what that first step is. Some of the current Edinburgh University students spent their summer not only lying in the sun at Grandma’s, but also worked hard in industry, banks, laboratories, were volunteering or discovering stars!
Our annual Careers Talk this year was held on the 27th of September at Dining Room, Teviot Row House. Current students shared their experiences and thoughts about future careers ranging from summer internships, volunteering to PhD studies, exchange year and Resident Assistant positions. Speakers were giving out tips on how to start building up skills and experience for future, how to start on applications, proceed through selection processes, and finally how to secure the position for yourself. This year we had seen a wide range of speakers from different disciplines.

1st half, speakers:
Greta Maciulevičiūtė (MEng Chemical Engineering) - Petroleum Development Summer Internship, Oman
Lukas Lastas (MA Hons Economics) - UBS Investment Bank Summer Internship, London
Darius Scerbavicius (MInf Informatics) - Google Summer Internship, Dublin
Ieva Nagytė (BSc Hons Chinese and German) - International Exchange, Dalian, China and Volunteering in Germany and Austria
Dainius Tautvaišas (BSc Hons Biochemistry) - iGEM, International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition, Edinburgh team; Other opportunities for biologists.

Short break followed by 2nd half. 

Kęstutis Jankevičius (MEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering) - Jaguar Land Rover Summer Internship
Viktorija Linkevičiūtė (BSc Hons Biotechnology) - Bioinformatics Summer Internship, Bristol University; RBS Summer Internship, London, and Resident Assistant, Edinburgh
Justinas Šlikas (PhD Chemistry) PhD Studies
Ilona Kovieraitė (MPhys Astrophysics) - European Southern Observatory, Santiago, Chile
Ignotas Šulženko and Lukas Diržys (BSc Computer Science) - Skyscanner Data Acquisition Interns, Edinburgh

After the speeches, we all moved to Teviot and Malone’s for further networking (and some free food too, wooo!). We are extremely delighted to have seen such a great turn out and we hope speakers have answered at least some of your questions J

All the best,
EULS team

Text: Kornelija Suveizdytė

Photos: Artūras Bagdonas
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20 Sep 2013

Welcome and welcome back to EULS!

Hello everyone and welcome!

We hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to kick-start university! 

Last week EULS participated in EUSA societies fair, which was a great success. Thank you all for turning up! We are creating a mailing list for the members so that none of you miss out on our casual meets and great events. In the meantime keep checking the blog as well as EULS facebook group for updates, useful info, links and all that jazz.

All the best,
EULS Committee

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12 Mar 2013

The Independence Day

Happy March 11th - the Lithuanian Independence Day.

On this occasion EULS organised "Tadas Blinda. Beginning" movie screening. Thanks goes to people who turned up!

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16 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

Dear Members,

Happy New Year! Hope you had wonderful holidays in Lithuania, or Edinburgh (or even elsewhere!).

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