8 Nov 2013

Lithuanian Food Market and Protmūšis

For most of us it was the day of full-on cooking. For one evening Teviot Dining hall became a wee Lithuanian food market. “Lašiniai”, rye bread, “Skruzdėlynas”, potato pancakes/scones, apple pie with ice-cream, doughnuts, “Lazy bones” and others were brought as tickets to the night. 

An hour of food tasting was followed by Protmūšis. 4 teams were challenged with 25 hardcore questions - we heard a lot of creative answers!

During the breaks students have voted for the best dish of the night. The first place went to the authors of two Skruzdėlynas”. :) 

The night was absolutely smashing, I am guessing it was a wee while since the last time you had some of those marvellous foods! Huge thanks to everyone who turned up and made this huge effort. You indeed made the night great!

EULS team.

Text: Kornelija Suveizdyte
Photos: Artūras Bagdonas

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