23 Feb 2014

LAN party

Rumors about the biggest gamer's day at uni have actually came out to be true!

On the 22nd of February utter gamers met for an underground match to sort out once and for all who's the best at CounterStrike 1.6 and Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. Have a look at the scene!

Winners were given fantastic headphones for an ultimate experience of gaming (and not only).

*I might have exaggerated the place calling an underground, nothing like that - Appleton's way above the ground.
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17 Feb 2014

February 16th

On our National Independence Day the 16th of February EULS screened Letters to Sofia by R. Mullan, 2013.

Before the screening we watched a video from Lithuanian oratorical competition. Check out the link, the performance is brilliant!

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2 Feb 2014

Angels and devils

Since a vast number of our members are born in January and February, EULS threw a huge birthday party themed Angels and Devils in our lovely Teviot. Well that was one of a night, with great music played by Dj Paplaukias. Great effort guy for dressing up properly!

More photos:


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